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Welcome to; the world's No.1 destination for cheap flights within Africa. We specialize in cheap flights to Ghana and Angola. Although we are recognized as one of the lowest cost airlines in Africa we never compromise on our excellent customer service and safety record. Because of our focus on low prices AND fantastic service we are fast becoming the most popular choice for cheap African flights. Simply enter your departure and arrival destinations and the required dates to see all available flights and prices.

Our Vision

To consistently offer excellent customer service and safety in addition to providing great value on all African flights to Angola and Ghana.

The Environment

We have invested heavily in a fleet of fuel efficient aircraft including the modern ATR turbo-prop as well as CRJ-100/200 jet aircraft. These aircraft use about 50% less fuel than other types of aircraft, which helps us to keep our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum.

Low Cost Fares

We aim to offer flights that are accessible to all leisure and business travellers and work hard to operate as efficiently as possible in order to allow us to give you the best prices on flights to African cities and destinations throughout Ghana and Angola.


  Benguela to Luanda $89.00  
  Cabinda to Luanda $89.00  
  Luanda to M'banza Congo $79.00  
  M'banza Congo to Soyo $69.00  
  Cabinda to Soyo $69.00  
  Luanda to Soyo $79.00  
  Excluding taxes
  Accra to Kumasi $20.00  
  Tamale to Kumasi $40.00  
  Excluding taxes
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