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Cheap Flights to Ghana

If you are looking for cheap flights to Ghana then you have come to the right place. As an African airline specialising in Ghana we have flights into and out of a large range of Ghanaian locations.

We fly to Kumasi  5 times a day everyday.

Why fly to Ghana?

Ghana is geographically small in African terms but is a land of great beauty and contrasts. There is a long coastline packed with sandy beaches as well as many hilly regions and plateau. Ghana is an exciting place to be at the moment as it has been officially given the status of the world's fastest growing economy 2011 by Economy Watch using IMF data. Road.

Flights to Ghana for Tourism

Ghana is blessed with hundreds of kilometres of beautiful coastline where there is peace & quiet, stunning walks, surfing, partying, hotel resorts, restaurants and bars. Whatever you are looking for in beach culture you will find in Ghana. The beaches are easily accessible from major towns such as Accra. Perhaps the most well known beaches are Busua and Dixcove. Additionally in the north of Ghana there are large swathes of forest and grasslands that are home to a wide range of wildlife that you can view up close at places such as Mole National Park. There is also Kumasi, capital of the Ashanti region which is famous for is crafts and broad culture; about 50% of the population is Muslim with the rest Christians or following more local and regional belief systems.

Flights to Ghana for business

Due to recent discoveries of massive oil reserves in Ghana the country's economy is expanding rapidly, in fact at about 20% at the time of writing. The growth in revenue from the oil trade will have a huge knock on effect for other areas of the economy meaning more trade in all areas. Additionally Ghana is the worlds second largest Cocoa producer supplying the world's chocoholicks. We operate flights to all major Ghanaian airports so whatever your purpose of travel; business or pleasure please contact us to book your flight today.   

  Benguela to Luanda $89.00  
  Luanda to M'banza Congo $79.00  
  M'banza Congo to Soyo $69.00  
  Cabinda to Soyo $69.00  
  Cabinda to Luanda $89.00  
  Luanda to Soyo $79.00  
  Excluding taxes
  Accra to Kumasi $20.00  
  Tamale to Kumasi $40.00  
  Excluding taxes
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