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Cheap Flights to Kumasi

Fly 540 Africa run frequent cheap flights to Kumasi in Ghana. We run a number of flights out of Kumasi each week too.

Kumasi is a 45 minute flight North West of Accra and is the home of the Ashanti King. Kumasi is considered by many to be the cultural capital of Ghana.

Many people travel to Kumasi to take time off and relax from the stresses of modern life. There is a very laid back and wholesome feel to the city.

If you want to check on times and departure destinations for our flights to Kumasi then simply enter your departure location and the date that you would like to travel on and we will show you the options available to you.

Flights to Kumasi for tourism

For those who take flights to Kumasi for travel and tourism there is a lot to take in. Perhaps the most well know place to visit is Asantehene's Palace which is the former king's residence. Since independence in 1957 the role of the King has mainly been symbolic but nonetheless the palace holds great significance to the Ashanti people.

In Kumasi there is also a good zoo, a well-known hat museum and the largest market in Western Africa. Kumasi is the 2nd largest city in Ghana and is well known for trinkets, wood-carved stools, Kente clothes and gold jewellery. The market is almost the size of a city itself and is a fantastic place for picking up local items at great prices – if you know how to barter.

Here is a really good video showing some detail on Kumasi market:
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Flights to Kumasi for business

As Kumasi is the second largest city in Ghana it is also a major trading centre. Many people take our flights to Kumasi for business trips and meetings within the city.

To put some scale on the state of trading, 500 new businesses are registered each month in Kumasi signifying it’s up and coming status as a business hub.

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